Mike Domjan - Blog  
I am a professor at the University of Texas. I am 69, but still employed by UT  full time. I generally go to ASH once a week to provide music for religious services. I play the viola. I have been doing this for the past 2-3 years. I have also served on the ethics committee of ASH.  I play primarily classical music. Often it’s music by Bach. I think Bach would be pleased to know that his music is helping to create a more humane and spiritual environment for psychiatric patients, more than 300 hundred years after the music was composed.  The patients appear appreciative to hear high quality live music. Some wave their hands in rhythm with the music. I always have several who make it a point to thank me for playing. The staff who attend the services also seem to enjoy the music. I am pleased to make their days at ASH a bit better as well.

- Michael Domjan, Spiritual Care Volunteer