Are you a college student looking for experience to put on your resume, or a videographer looking to do some volunteer work and add to your portfolio? The Austin State Hospital volunteer program is looking for a creative and skilled individual for the upcoming Summer, who will assist in revamping the online volunteer orientation. Scripts relevant to the orientation will be provided by the volunteer coordinator to those being interviewed. Equipment and software must be self-supplied.   WHEN DOES THIS PROJECT START?
  • June 6 - July 6 (dates are flexible and subject to change if needed or pending on speed of project)
  • Film and edit 2-5 minute interviews with staff and volunteers (final edits approved by Volunteer Coordinator and Community Relations Director)
  • Proficiency or strong working knowledge in operating a quality video camera that produces clean audio/visual quality
  • Proficiency or strong working knowledge of Final Cut Pro/related professional editing software
  • Communication skills - ability to professionally interact with ASH staff and collaborate with volunteer coordinator and community relations office
  We don't need a 'Spielberg,' but we would like to see some of your previous work, whether it's a class project,  samples from other gigs, or personal work. Please send resume and 1-2 samples to the volunteer coordinator. We look forward to working with you. To learn more about ASH and the Volunteer Services Council, click here.